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    April 15th, 2013 By Oxyzone

    At Oxyzone we have been beavering away building the best ozone machines in Australia. Take a tour of our web site and see the innovative products we have designed. We have also been busy upgrading the website with a shop where purchase can be made for accessories including: the CUBE, Mazzei injectors, Aeroqual – monitors. But rather than list them here why not have a look. Have we forgotten something or is there something you would like to see?

    March has been a very busy month ending in a move to our new factory at Somersby on the NSW Central Coast.
    We wish you all a Happy Easter and a well earned break

    Agents, Please note we have an agent in NZ Commercial Supplies Ltd Nadine Barnes will help you with hospitality ozone machines.
    Yardley Hospitality is now promoting a nationwide distributorship of the Silver Hospitality UV ozone generators as well as the famous CUBE

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  • A big thank you to BIG 4

    August 28th, 2012 By Oxyzone

    It has come to our attention that Oxyzone has been recommended to members of BIG 4 Holiday Parks. A big thank you for the recommendation, we strive to be the leader in design and manufacture of ozone machines in Australia.
    Hopefully none of Big 4 parks will get customer complaints about bad smells! If any member of BIG 4 has lost their user guide, please contact us so we can replace it. It is very important to run the CUBE or Silver Hospitality just enough to eliminate the odour and not over do it. Remember little and often is better than a big hit and never run an ozone machine over night. We hope the coming season is successful for your businesses

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  • Oxyzone has developed a mobile, fully self contained, ozonated water system that is ruggedised for field work

    August 8th, 2012 By Oxyzone

    The 7620 system consists of a double axle trailer fitted with a ruggedised ozone generator, injection system, power generator and oxygen bottle carrier allowing remote treatment of water. The 7620 is a first for Australia. We have spent time and effort in developing this great product. The 7620 is a proven performer coming soon to our web site

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  • Oxyzone can tell you about ozone in air

    July 25th, 2012 By Oxyzone

    Did you know that ozone is as old as time? Natures own sanitiser has been doing a great job until we humans moved indoor and created super bugs. But with our ozone generators we can mimic nature creating ozone for indoor use. How? By passing air over a UV light at a particular frequency ozone is produced and blown into the air where the third molecule oxidises the air, killing air borne odours, virus, bacteria. Ozone will eleiminate, mould spores, mildew, it can even over come chemicals leaving the area clean and fresh. The nasties cannot build up resistance to it because the ozone has already oxidised them before the nasty know it is there! Isnt that brilliant

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  • About the authors

    July 3rd, 2012 By Oxyzone

    We have taken our Oxyzone website a step further by joining the era of “bloggers”, social media being the in thing.
    David our Technical person will from time to time write about technical innovations, after all he has designed our machines and oversees the manufacturing to ensure all our products meet his and your expectations.
    Nuala will add information to help you understand what Ozone is and how it can be used. We will advise on which of our ozone machine is best suited to different applications.

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  • Silver Hospitality range of products

    July 3rd, 2012 By Oxyzone

    Go0d Morning everyone in Hospitality accommodation around Australia.

    We are in a new Financial year so a Special Price on our Silver Hospitality UV ozone generatos is warranted, you may have received something about this. We know our machines are the best but did you know that some of your patrons are allergic to the chemicals used when cleaning an apartment or hotel rooms. This is becoming wide spread and if you are able to show that you use ozone as a disinfectant/deodouriser guests may well choose your hotel/motel in preference to other properties

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  • The Oxyzone Blog is live!

    June 27th, 2012 By Oxyzone

    We will be adding new articles to our blog shortly, including technical, informative and marketing information.

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