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As a commercial enterprise, there are many areas of your buildings and infrastructure that you need to keep clean and safe for your employees, customers and the public. It is safe to say that you have a number of commercial disinfectants in use at any one time and that most of these cleaning agents contain harsh, toxic chemicals.

These toxins can not only cause injury to your employees who handle these harsh chemicals, but can also damage and shorten the life of valuable equipment. There is a much easier, safer and less expensive way to disinfect and sanitise your establishments and that is by using ozone generators. Ozone is used by many commercial enterprises to safely sanitise working areas, equipment and fresh produce, and to also remove any lingering unpleasant odours – all without the use of toxic chemicals.

Some of the areas where commercial disinfectants are useful include:

Commercial kitchen disinfectants

Commercial kitchen disinfectants

Instead of using harsh, toxic chemicals for commercial disinfection, such as to clean fresh produce and kitchen surfaces, instead you can use tap water infused with ozone which is extremely effective at killing bacteria and pathogens. Ozone works much faster and is a far safer agent to use in commercial kitchen sanitation than chlorine or other toxic chemicals. Use ozone to disinfect fresh fruits and vegetables, work surfaces, cutting boards and other utensils.

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Cooling tower disinfectants

Cooling towers must be kept free of pathogens, corrosion and scaling, yet the use of toxic chemicals to treat water in cooling towers is highly regulated and problematical. To make matters worse, the discharged water has to be treated, because it is considered as a hazardous waste product due to the chemical additives used in the sanitation process. Cooling tower disinfection becomes much safer and more cost-effective, when achieved using ozone rather than toxic chemicals.

Florist disinfectants

Florist disinfectants

One of the biggest problems in the florist and nursery industry is keeping freshly cut flowers healthy for long periods of time. Florist disinfection procedures are an essential part of every florist’s day and they struggle to prolong the life of their flowers. Ozone is the solution, as it can destroy the micro-organisms that cause cut flowers to wilt, removes the ethylene produced as the flowers age and reduces the growth of algae, mildew and root rot in cut flowers.

Funeral home sanitisers

Funeral home disinfectants are a necessary part of the business as help to maintain a hygienic and clean environment. Many different cleaning and sanitisation agents can be used, but generally they all contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine. On the other hand, water infused with ozone is a natural and chemical free way to clean your equipment and work surfaces. Funeral home disinfection with ozone is also very cost effective and environmentally friendly way to maintain a hygienic working space.

Grain storage disinfectants

Grain storage disinfectants

Contamination of grains in storage, prior to milling or packaging, is a never ending and costly battle. Not only do you have to purchase grain storage disinfectants, but you also have to factor in losses due to pathogens. This is why ozone is now being investigated as a viable alternative to eliminating weevils, fungi and other pathogens in stored grains.

Horticulture sanitation and wine barrel disinfection

Ozone has been embraced by both the horticulture and the wine industry as a cost effective and safe alternative to other harsh cleaning chemicals. Protection from pathogens in irrigation water and in the fermentation of wine is essential to the commercial success of both industries.

Commercial disinfectants in hotels, motels and nursing homes

Commercial disinfectants in hotels, motels and nursing homes

The maintenance of a clean and hygienic environment in hotels, motels and nursing homes is essential to the health of the employees, clients and residents of these establishments. Ozone is a proven method for disinfecting and sanitising all surfaces and equipment throughout these establishments and is a popular alternative to cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals.

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