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Ozone in Wholesale Cut Flower Storage

The shelf life of cut flowers in storage is affected by ethylene gas production and the spread of disease.


Ozone will effectively stop the buildup of ethylene gas produced by some varieties and will increase the safe storage period for many varieties of cut flowers.


Ozone will also destroy airborne organisms and reduce losses caused by the spread of disease.


The cost of the cure is minimal and the savings are significant.


For small flower storage areas the Oxyzone C80 CUBE will be sufficient. Larger rooms will require 1 or more of the Oxyzone Silver single lamp models. The ozone levels must be kept low and even, requiring the use of multiple smaller units in a large facility.

100% Australian Made and Manufactured

Oxyzone products are designed and manufactured in Australia complying with electrical and safety standards. Our service personnel and our spare parts are also in Australia.

Oxyzone recommends the following ozone equipment:

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Ozone in Wholesale Cut Flower Storage


The Generators used in this industry include the following:

Non-Chemical Disinfection

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The founders of Oxyzone first introduced their ozone generators to the Australian market over 10 years ago and are backed by 25 years experience in electronic manufacturing. Our ozone generators are designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards.

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