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Ozone in Grain Storage

Insects, particularly weevils, and fungi cause losses in stored grains amounting to millions of dollars every year.


Currently the main weapons against these pests are a few varieties of chemicals; some of which will be restricted due to environmental issues. Concerns are also being raised regarding increasing resistance by the pests to the remaining ones.


Research in the use of high strength ozone to kill weevils shows real promise.


In trials conducted in the USA , ozone has been shown to destroy these pests without leaving any trace chemical on the product. Insects and fungi also cannot develop a resistance to ozone.


Though the use of ozone in grain storage is still considered to be in the research phase, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the applications in Australia.


We have carried out one trial ourselves in Queensland and the ozone did appear to kill a large number of weevils but not all. However the weevils migrated to the top of the silo. When the top of the silo was opened the weevils left in mass, a result that may actually be better than killing them in the grain. The trial was very short and very inconclusive.


Oxyzone strives to increase the areas where ozone can be of economic use to the agriculture industry. Reducing the loss of pest damaged grain using Oxyzone ozone generators could be of real benefit.

100% Australian Made and Manufactured

Oxyzone products are designed and manufactured in Australia complying with electrical and safety standards. Our service personnel and our spare parts are also in Australia.

Oxyzone recommends the following ozone equipment:

  • T4400 Corona Discharge Ozone Generators
  • Oxygen: AirSep Onyx or Topaz Oxygen Generators
Ozone in Grain Storage


The Generators used in this industry include the following:

Non-Chemical Disinfection

Odour Removal & Water Sanitation

The founders of Oxyzone first introduced their ozone generators to the Australian market over 10 years ago and are backed by 25 years experience in electronic manufacturing. Our ozone generators are designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards.

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