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Ozone in Organics

Ozone is considered the safest and most natural disinfection agent for fresh produce.


It is approved in Australia by FRANZ as a food contact substance and is certified organic. FDA and USDA also have similar approvals.

Ozone can be applied as a gas in the air of coolrooms to control pathogens and airborne microorganisms. It is also very effective at retarding the spread of organisms on fruit in close contact.


Ozone will destroy ethylene gas given off by some fruits which if left unchecked will cause accelerated ripening.


Ozone dissolved in water is the only truly organic method of washing fruit and vegetables that can kill pathogens such as E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Shigella and Cryptosporidium among others.

100% Australian Made and Manufactured

Oxyzone products are designed and manufactured in Australia complying with electrical and safety standards. Our service personnel and our spare parts are also in Australia.


Oxyzone recommends the following ozone equipment:

Ozone in Organics


The Generators used in this industry include the following:

Non-Chemical Disinfection

Odour Removal & Water Sanitation

The founders of Oxyzone first introduced their ozone generators to the Australian market over 10 years ago and are backed by 25 years experience in electronic manufacturing. Our ozone generators are designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards.

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