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Ozone in Nursing Homes

Facilities where the elderly are cared for have special needs when it comes to maintaining a high level of sanitation in client rooms. The usual method is to use lots of chemicals to ensure unpleasant odours are not allowed to build up. Chemicals themselves may cause unpleasant odours. Ozone is the modern natural method to sanitise living environments of nursing home clients eliminating odours from incontinence as well as bacteria and virus.


Oxyzone's C80 CUBE ozone generator and S10 Silver Hospitality ozone generator are perfect for the job. These ozone generators are light and portable. Both models come with inbuilt timers and adjustable output so that staff can get on with their work and come back to the room finding it ready for the resident to return.


After the purchase of the machine there are no ongoing contracts for refills of chemicals. UV lamps have an expected life of 6000 hours and are replaceable at reasonable cost. Each ozone unit comes with a user guide and instructions as well as 12 months warranty.


Where can the C80 CUBE ozone generator or S10 Silver Hospitality ozone generator be used?

  • Vacant client rooms to eliminate odours and bacteria.
  • Sluice room for sewerage odours.
  • Bathrooms for bacteria and odour control
  • Kitchen to sanitise food preparation areas
  • Garbage holding area for bacteria and odour control

100% Australian Made and Manufactured

Oxyzone products are designed and manufactured in Australia complying with electrical and safety standards. Our service personnel and our spare parts are also in Australia.

Oxyzone recommends the following ozone equipment:

Ozone in Nursing Homes


The Generators used in this industry include the following:

Non-Chemical Disinfection

Odour Removal & Water Sanitation

The founders of Oxyzone first introduced their ozone generators to the Australian market over 10 years ago and are backed by 25 years experience in electronic manufacturing. Our ozone generators are designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards.

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