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WINNER - 2014 Sydney Engineering Excellence Awards

Category: Products, Manufacturing Facilities and Processes

WINNER 2014 Sydney Engineering Excellence Awards

Judges Comments:

"The Ozone Trailer achieved an efficient and elegantly-engineered solution to a challenge that has not yet been overcome anywhere in the world.


It is delivering wide-ranging benefits to Sydney Water, its staff and customers. It has already achieved an incredibly short pay-back period and several new (and promising) applications have been identified.


In addition, the Ozone Trailer has strong domestic and export potential."

Innovative Development of Ozone Trailer for Disinfection of new water mains.


Sydney Water and Oxyzone Pty Ltd collaborated to design and build an innovative mobile ozone trailer to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the new water main disinfection.


Designing a system to operate under varying water pressure and topography posed engineering challenges. The ozone trailer design has succeeded in: reliable production and dissolution of ozone; disinfection of water mains under various pressure; mobile and automated operation; cost effectiveness and an efficient alternative to chlorination; minimising environmental impacts; improving occupational health and public safety.


An auxiliary device has been developed for improved operatability and automatic paperless transfer of operational data. The field trials comparing the disinfection performance of chlorination versus ozonation showed that the ozone trailer reduced the job disinfection failure rate from between 21-29% to only 3% during the trial period.


It is expected to provide annual savings of approximately $1.4million. The ozone trailer has been granted an Australian innovation patent and commercialised. Three such ozone trailers are currently being used in Sydney Water operations.


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