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How to sanitise and purify water using a chlorine alternative

Ozone is a very strong oxidizer and with oxygen as a by-product, it is one of the best water purification alternatives to chlorine.

Chorine of course, has long been used as a water sanitiser, however it can leave behind many unpleasant by-products and in itself, is a dangerous chemical and has an unpleasant odour. Alongside chlorine, ozone has been used for many years in the treatment of municipal wastewater, but itís suitability for water sanitation in other areas of our lives has only recently become popular.

The areas where ozone is suitable for water purification include:

  • Carwash water sanitation
  • Fruit cleaning sanitation
  • Industrial water purification
  • Superchlorination alternatives
  • Swimming pool chlorine alternatives
  • Vegetable cleaning sanitisers
  • Water mains disinfection
  • Chlorine alternatives for water purification
Commercial carwash water disinfectants

Commercial carwash water disinfectants

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, many commercial car washes are making use of recycling systems to save water. The problem is that recycling water involves a sanitation process to remove foaming chemicals and to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

Many carwash water disinfectants use chlorine and other harsh chemicals that are not only toxic to the environment, but are also harmful to those handling these chemicals. Water purification machines that use ozone instead of chlorine are obviously much friendlier to our ecosystem, are very effective at removing unpleasant odours and are a viable chlorine disinfection alternative.

  • Carwash water difinfection
  • Commercial carwash water sanitation
  • Ozone water sanitation

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Fruit cleaning disinfectants and vegetable cleaning alternatives

Fruit cleaning disinfectants and vegetable cleaning alternatives

Ozone water purification is a healthy alternate disinfectant for irrigation water in horticulture, irrigation and hydroponics. It is also suitable as a fruit cleaning sanitiser and as a vegetable cleaning disinfectant.

Fungal contamination is the most frequent cause of fresh fruit and vegetable spoilage, so chemical fungicides and sanitation treatments are necessary to reduce spoilage and waste, post-harvest. The problem is that people are becoming more concerned with the use of pesticides and chemicals on our fresh produce, not only its effect on the environment, but also on our health, following consumption of produce bathed in chemicals and pesticides.

Produce is usually rinsed in a disinfectant solution containing a low level of chlorine, before being stored for any length of time. This helps to clean the produce of any soil or debris, as well as reducing any harmful bacteria that can lead to spoilage.

Using an ozone water purifier to clean and sanitize fresh produce, as well as storing fresh produce in an environment containing low levels of ozone, is a proven method to reduce spoilage prior to market.

Water storage purifiers are a reliable and effective chemical sanitation alternative for the food industry to control pathogens on post-harvest produce without the use of toxic chemicals, as well as in any industry that requires water irrigation.

  • Fruit cleaning disinfection
  • Ozone water sanitisation
  • Vegetable cleaning disinfection
Public and private swimming pool sanitation

Swimming pool sanitation for public and private pools

The most common public and private swimming pool sanitisers involve chlorine or bromine, with chlorine being the most prevalent chemical. Chlorine is a very strong oxidizer and can cause eye irritation, as well as skin and throat problems. Another obvious problem is the unpleasant and very strong smell of chlorine, which emanates from swimming pools using chlorine as a cleaning agent.

Chlorine is an extremely toxic chemical and must be handled with the greatest care. Storage in residential properties and commercial enterprises can be a problem as it can cause metal to rust and needs to be stored in a fully ventilated area.

With all of these problems in the use of chlorine, water purification systems that use ozone are a very viable chlorine alternative for swimming pool disinfection.

  • Ozone water odour removal
  • Water storage disinfection
  • Chemical sanitation alternatives
Water sanitation using ozone water purifiers

Water sanitation using ozone water purifiers

All chemical water sanitising agents are dangerous to the environment and to those handling these toxic chemicals. When used in water purification, chlorine must be carefully measured and handled, ensuring that an acceptable ppm is maintained to achieve the required sanitation. Sanitation with chlorine can take time and always leaves a residue behind, even after rinsing.

On the other hand, ozone is a naturally occurring molecule, which actively combines with other molecules creating oxygen as a by-product. There are no toxic chemicals and no harmful residues, as there are with chlorine, making ozone treatments a viable and effective chemical disinfectant alternative.

  • Water storage purification
  • Chemical disinfectant alternative
  • Water mains purification

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